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Sunstone Tumblestones
  • Sunstone Tumblestones

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    Radiate positivity with our Sunstone Tumblestones! Each of these shimmering gems is a small treasure, reflecting the warmth and energy of the sun itself. Crafted by nature, these polished stones boast a mesmerizing blend of golds, oranges, and reds, reminiscent of a vibrant sunset captured within the stone.


    Sunstone is renowned for its uplifting energy, promoting joy, vitality, and personal power. It is also said to promote self-empowerment and confidence. Emotional healers often recommend sunstone to those who are going through difficult times, as it is thought to bring comfort and light into dark situations.

    One of these tumblestones in your palm can infuse your spirit with renewed optimism and confidence, illuminating your path forward.


    Whether used in meditation, carried as a pocket charm, or displayed as a beautiful piece of nature's art, our Sunstone Tumblestones make for an enchanting addition to any collection.


    Feel the rays of positivity and bask in the revitalizing energies of the sun with our exquisite Sunstone Tumblestones. Embrace the warmth within and let your inner light shine!


    Chakra - Solar Plexus, Sacral And Root Chakra.

    Zodiac - Leo And Libra.

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