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Polished Phantom Amethyst Obelisks
  • Polished Phantom Amethyst Obelisks

    SKU: 0153

    A fusion of elegance and mystique that adds a touch of enchantment to any space. Crafted from high-grade Amethyst, each obelisk is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of nature's artistry.


    The Phantom Amethyst Obelisks boast a captivating blend of rich purple tones, adorned with ethereal phantom inclusions that create a mesmerizing depth within the crystal.


    • Phantom Crystals are beautifully unique, known to be powerful stones for healing the past, facilitating spiritual growth and enhancing intuition & enlightenment.

      Chakra - Crown and Third Eye

      Zodiac - Aquarius and Leo

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