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Selenite Tumblestone
  • Selenite Tumblestone

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    Known as the Goddess Stone- Unlock tranquility and clarity with our Selenite tumblestones. Each stone is a testament to the mesmerizing beauty of nature, meticulously polished to showcase its ethereal charm. Selenite, known as a powerful cleansing and healing crystal, exudes a gentle yet potent energy that purifies the mind, body, and spirit.


    Its extremely high vibration floods your energy field with the highest vibrations of light, uplifting your spirit and guiding you to an elevated state of being. Not only does it have this powerful effect on you, but it also has a similar effect on your crystals and your environment. It is one of the most powerful and effective tools to cleanse and charge crystals.


    When you are using a Selenite crystal for clearing your own personal energy, it is important to keep it close to your body. You can either place it over your chest or use it in a downward sweeping motion by hovering it 2-3 inches above your skin and brushing away the negative energy. Both methods are equally effective in cleansing your energy field and your mind, body and spirit to restore your natural state of being.

    After working with a Selenite crystal stone for energy clearing, you will feel brighter, lighter, happier, and uplifted.


    Crafted from the purest form of Selenite, these tumblestones radiate a soft iridescence, captivating the eye with their luminous glow. Their smooth, rounded edges make them perfect for carrying in pockets, using in meditation practices, or adorning your sacred space.


    Let the serene energy of Selenite wash away negativity, promote mental clarity, and infuse your life with a sense of peace and harmony. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or seeking a tool for spiritual healing, our Selenite tumblestones serve as a timeless companion on your journey towards balance and enlightenment.


    An ideal gift for loved ones or a cherished addition to your crystal collection. Elevate your spiritual practice and embrace the serene energy of Selenite tumblestones today.


    Chakra - Activates all Chakras especially the Crown Chakra.

    Zodiac - Gemini and Cancer.

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