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Pink Lemurian Points

Pink Lemurian Points

Pink Lemurian Points are extraordinary crystals that embody the delicate beauty and profound energy of the Lemurian civilization. These exceptional gemstones are highly sought after for their unique characteristics and the ancient wisdom they carry.


Each Pink Lemurian Point is a remarkable piece of history, showcasing its distinctive pink hue that ranges from soft pastel to deeper rose tones. These crystals possess distinct horizontal striations and a natural frosted appearance. They are revered for their connection to Lemurian wisdom and their ability to transmit ancient knowledge and spiritual insights.


Lemurian crystals are believed to be encoded with sacred messages and guidance from the ancient Lemurian civilization, which was known for its advanced spiritual practices and deep connection with the Earth and cosmos. These crystals serve as powerful tools for accessing higher realms, promoting spiritual growth, and unlocking hidden truths.


The pink coloration of these Lemurian Points adds an extra layer of gentle energy and emotional healing. Pink is associated with love, compassion, and emotional well-being. It nurtures the heart chakra, facilitating emotional healing, self-love, and harmonious relationships. The combination of Lemurian wisdom and the soothing pink energy creates a profound synergy for personal growth and healing.


Each Pink Lemurian Point has its own unique markings and energy. They can be used in meditation, energy work, or as cherished decorative pieces. Their distinct striations invite you to run your fingers along their surface, fostering a deeper connection to the ancient wisdom they hold.


Chakras: All


Zodiac Signs: All




Mini: 2cm   

Small: 2.5cm - 3.5cm

Medium: L: 7.5cm 

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