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Moss Agate Tumblestones

Moss Agate Tumblestones

SKU: 0105

Discover the enchanting allure of Moss Agate Tumblestones. These exquisite stones are a testament to nature's artistry, boasting an intricate tapestry of verdant greens and translucent shades. Each polished piece showcases delicate moss-like inclusions, resembling miniature landscapes encapsulated in stone.


Moss Agate is celebrated for its grounding energy, believed to harmonize the spirit and foster a deep connection to the natural world. Holding these smooth and tactile tumblestones invokes a sense of tranquility, inviting balance and stability into daily life. Moss agate is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions, helping to balance male and female energies whenever they become too extreme. 


Moss Agate goes to work on the heart chakra, ensuring there are no blockages there so that love and abundance can flow easily. It is also an excellent tool to turn too when it comes to nurturing new friendships.


Moss Agate has always been celebrated as a lucky amulet. When placed among flowers they seem to bloom brighter, when kept in the workplace – business seems to boom, and when carried with you, the streams of abundance seem to flow towards you.


Perfect for meditation, as pocket companions, or adorning your space, these tumblestones serve as both a decorative peice and a conduit to nature's serene beauty.


Chakra - Heart Chakra.

Zodiac- Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo.


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