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Mini Handbag Carving
  • Mini Handbag Carving

    A selection of Mini Handbag carvings from a selection of the following crystals:


    Rose Quartz 

    Crystal of Loooove | Dissolves Sorrows, Worries, Fears and Resentments | Healing, Comfort and Inner Nourishment | Develops Self Love and Self Worth | Healer of Internal Wounds | Heals physical symptoms of the heart | Fertility and Pregnancy | Balances Yin - Yang energy | Heart and gentle stimulates the root Chakra | Taurus Zodiac Sign. 



    Protection | Relieves Stress and Anxiety | Dispells Anger, Rage and Fear | Insomnia relief | Balances the Endocrine System | Boosts Immune System | Helps with addiction | Brings clarity and assists with deep state meditation  | Third eye and crown Chakras | Pisces Zodiac Sign.


    Clear Quartz

    One of the best crystals for meditation | Emotional Stability | Protection | Enhances Clarity and Focus | Purifying | Amplifies Energy | Manifestation | Amplifies psychic abilities | Purifies the physical and energetic body | Clears and activates all Chakras | Virgo and Capricorn Zodiac Signs.


    Peach Quartz

    Joy and Unconditional Love | Promotes Compassion and Empathy | Encourages Forgiveness | Gives Courage to release past issues and trauma's | 

    Enhances Energy and Thoughts | Helps with Focus | Harmonizing and Balancing | Encourages Dream Work | Sacral and Heart Chakras | Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.


    Green Aventurine

    Regarded as the Luckiest Crystal | Manifesting and Wealth | Releases old pattern habbits and dissapointments so new growth can take place | Optimism and Confidence | Creativity and Motivation | Calms nervousness, anger and stress | Gentle grounding effect | Enhances sleep | Heals emotional wounds | Heart Chakra | Taurus, Libra and Virgo Zodiac Signs. 


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