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Snow Druzy Agate Point
  • Snow Druzy Agate Point

    SKU: 0006

    This esquisite crystal features natural patterns in a variety of colours including white, grey and black with a blemish of Orange Agate. Reminiscent of snow-capped mountains with pockets of druzy crystals. The crystal is polished to perfection, highlighting the intricate details of the agate's natural beauty. 


    Measuring approximately 13.7cm in height, this Snow Drury Agate crystal is a statement piece that will draw attention and admiration. The pointed shape of the crystal is perfect for energy work, directing the flow of energy towards a specific intention or area. 


    The Snow Agate crystal is known for its calming and grounding energy, making it an excellent choice for meditation and spiritual practices. It helps promote a sense of inner peace and connection with nature, which is beneficial for anyone seeking to balance their energy and find a sense of harmony. Working with the crown charkra it can enhance intuition and connect with spirit guides. 


    Charkras: Crown


    Zodiac Sign: Gemini


    Weight: 222g H: 13.7cm W: 3cm

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