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Gem Grade Natural Citrine Points
  • Gem Grade Natural Citrine Points

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    Our High-Grade Citrine Points are a collection of extraordinary gemstones that embody the vibrant energy and abundance of the sun. 


    Each High-Grade Citrine Point is a radiant masterpiece. With their natural terminations and unique formations, these points serve as magnificent displays of nature's artistry. Their clarity and pristine surfaces allow the vibrant energy of citrine to shine through.


    Citrine, also named "The Money Stone",  is known as the stone of abundance, prosperity, and manifestation. It carries the energy of the sun, infusing the spirit with warmth, positivity, and vitality. These high-grade citrine points are exceptional in their ability to amplify intentions, attract success, and inspire creativity. They serve as powerful tools for manifestation and are believed to help manifest wealth, abundance, and joy in all areas of life.


    Beyond its abundance properties, citrine is also renowned for its cleansing and energizing qualities. It is said to clear negative energy, dissipate stagnant energy, and promote a sense of inner clarity and confidence. With their vibrant and uplifting energy, these high-grade citrine points are perfect for enhancing personal power, motivation, and self-esteem.


    Each High-Grade Citrine Points is unique in shape and size. Whether used in crystal grids, energy work, or as striking decor, these citrine points radiate positive vibrations, uplifting any space they adorn.


    Chakras: Solar Plexus


    Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius


    Size Approx. 2cm - 4cm

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