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Flower Agate Mini Egg
  • Flower Agate Mini Egg

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    Each Flower Agate Egg is meticulously carved from premium quality Agate, showcasing intricate patterns reminiscent of a blossoming garden.  This enchanting pallete invites a sense of serenity, renewal and connection with the natural world. 


    Flower Agate promotes personal growth, inner strength and transformation. Just as flowers bloom and evolve, this crystal inspires us to embrace change, let go of stagnant energies and nurture our personal journey of self-discovery. It encourages us to cultivate patience, resilience and deepen our sense of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.


    As a powerful heart-centered stone, Flower Agate stimulates feelings of compassion, self-love and harmony. It gently awakens our innermost desires and encourages us to embrace our passions and dreams leading to a more fulfilling purpose in life. It's soothing energy brings tranquility and emotional balance, relieving stress and promoting a sense of calm amidst life's changes. 


    It's nurturing energy helps us connect with the divine feminine and attune to the cycles of nature, enhancing our intuition and growth. The smooth egg shape provides a comfortable grip during meditation allowing for a deeper connection with the crystals energy. 


    Chakras: Heart


    Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini

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