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Darwin Glass

Darwin Glass

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Darwin Glass Tektite, a captivating and enigmatic gemstone born from the fiery forces of nature's ancient cataclysms. Also known as "Darwinite" or "Moldavite of Australia," this unique crystal holds within it the raw energy and mystique of its dramatic formation.


Created millions of years ago during a meteorite impact, the Darwin Glass Tektite is a fusion of molten rock and extraterrestrial matter. Its deep green colour reflects its connection to the Earth's primordial origins and the cosmic forces that shaped our planet.


Each Darwin Glass Tektite is a testament to the power of transformation. Its smooth, glossy surface bears witness to the intense heat and pressure that fused the surrounding minerals, leaving behind a stunning glass-like texture. Within its captivating depths, you'll find natural variations, intricate patterns, and the occasional bubble, reminding us of the crystal's unique journey through time.


The Darwin Glass Tektite holds a potent and vibrant energy. It stimulates personal growth, amplifies spiritual evolution, and awakens dormant abilities. This Tektite is renowned for its ability to accelerate spiritual awakening and facilitate profound energetic shifts. Its energy is often described as intense, transformative, and highly purifying, allowing one to release old patterns, embrace change, and embark on a path of personal and spiritual rebirth.


Embracing a Darwin Glass Tektite in your spiritual practice can open doorways to higher realms, expand consciousness, and enhance intuitive abilities. Its energetic resonance may assist in meditation, dreamwork, and accessing ancient wisdom and cosmic insights. It serves as a powerful companion for those seeking to explore the depths of their inner selves and connect with the ancient mysteries of the universe.


Each Darwin Glass Tektite in our collection is carefully selected for its unique beauty and energetic properties. As a natural gemstone, no two crystals are alike, exhibiting variations in color, shape, and size. We celebrate these individual characteristics, as they reflect the true nature of this remarkable crystal and its connection to the forces that shaped our world.


These Tektites have extremely high vibrations and can open and clear bloackages from the Chakras aswell as align them.


Weight: Approx 5g

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