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Clear Quartz Tumblestones
  • Clear Quartz Tumblestones

    SKU: 0109

    Our Clear Quartz tumble stones, revered for its amplifying properties, is known as the master healer among crystals. It resonates with the crown chakra, aligning with your spiritual essence and purifying your energy field.


    Hold these enchanting tumblestones and feel the tranquil vibrations as they wash over you, dissolving negativity and inviting clarity into your life.


    At a spiritual level, Clear Quartz raises energy to the highest possible level. Blasting open all Chakras and acts as a deep soul cleanser. 


    Clear Quartz also enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.


    Whether you seek to enhance meditation, foster mental clarity, or simply adorn your space with natural beauty, these tumblestones are versatile companions on your journey to well-being.


    Each piece is unique, showcasing the natural variations and intricate patterns that make Clear Quartz so alluring. From its translucent hues to the mesmerizing clarity, these tumblestones are a testament to the wonders of nature, waiting to infuse your life with positivity and illumination.


    Embrace the timeless allure and healing energy of Clear Quartz Tumblestones. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a cherished addition to your crystal collection, let these stones be a beacon of serenity and harmony in your world.


    Chakra- All.

    Zodiac - All.


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