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Amethyst Druzy Cluster
  • Amethyst Druzy Cluster

    Each cluster is made up of dozens of tiny, sparkling Amethyst crystals that create a breathtaking natural display. Amethyst is a beauitful violet variety of quartz that is revered for its spiritual and healing properties for centuries.


    Amethyst is a powerful protection crystal that promotes calmness, dispells anger, rage and fear. It also brings clarity and relaxation which assists with deep state meditation abnd sleep.


    Believed to help with grief, depression and homesickness.

    Helps you to receive guidance from your spirit guides and believed to enhance psychic gifts, awareness and intuition.


    It is also said to help with drunkness, over indulgence, addictions and OCD.


    Our Amethyst Druzy clusters come in a variety of sizes from small enough to hold in your hand to large enough to display as a statement piece. Each one is unique, with its own individual patterns and formations that make it truly one of a kind.




    Chakras: Third eye and crown.


    Zodiac Signs: Pisces

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